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Macros in Fight class

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Just wanna ask if it is possible to use an ingame macro in the fightclass creator into the fight sequence?

In which case, do if just copy the name i gave the Macro?

First one looks like this:

/run local c=CastSpellByName;if UnitHealth("pet")==0 then c("Revive Pet") elseif UnitHealth("pet")~=UnitHealthMax("pet") then c("Mend Pet") elseif GetPetHappiness()~=nil and GetPetHappiness()~=3 then c("Feed Pet");PickupContainerItem(0,1) end


And second one is just simple for pull:

/cast Hunter's Mark
/cast Charge


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Yes it is. Name the Macro. then add that to your spell list. Then in the conditions list select LUA Code. in the LUA code box select the drop list button on mouse over. Then add the code there. In the box at the top right of the fightclass editor there is an option Is LUA Code make sure this is selected as True. There is another way as well. in the spell list make a spell that says /RunMacroText(MACRO) and then make sure it is Selected LUA Code True.

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  • 1 month later...

this doesnt work... i've tried everything... broken please fix.



MACRO (revivepet):
/use [nopet] Call Pet 1
/cast [@pet,exists,nodead] Mend Pet; Revive Pet


Made "/RunMacroText(revivepet)" top of the list in priority. NO CONDITIONS. LUA Script is TRUE.

Nothing happens.


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