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Zygor Quest info


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So I have all the Zygor guides for questing and everything. Problem I'm having is that I can't get them to implement correctly into WRobot. I have setup the XML and CS files but they just make me run to all over the place without doing any of the quests in order or at all. My only successful attempt, my toon picked up, turned in, and accepted the quest but then ran to another zone after that. I am willing to upload all the Zygor guide info that you might need to help me and also for the community so we can have the Quester work for everyone. Just let me know. 


I have included Dustwallow Marsh XMLDustwallow Marsh (39-41) Alliance.xml file but CS file says "not permitted to upload this kind of file"

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Wrobot tools for convert zygor to wrobot is only for help you to gain time, but you need to fix manually all missing informations (npc position, errors, id of objects, objectives numbers, ...) you need to check all.
I recommand to use new profile system:
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