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[REQ] Dungeon and LFR buddy?

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Yo, I botted with Honorbuddy for years but of course thats done and dusted. This new bot has a solid foundation and really good script writer in Camelot10. Other than that no-one is taking advantage of this market of selling profiles. On Honorbuddy there was Looking for raid and dungeon bot. No profile was needed I just stuck it on that setting, choosed the raids/dungeons and off the bot went. If someone would make something like this, would be amazing. You could charge a lot...

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Camelot10 is really good at writing scripts and if someone were to come out with something like that he'd be the one to do it. Some of us are working on Fight Classes and Profiles at the moment. To me it's just a matter of making a profile and testing it to be fully AFK. Anything less isn't acceptable.

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