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Fisherbot pathing just seems broken.


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I make a profile for a route, it'll fish the starting spot just fine, but as soon as it tries to go to the next spot, it goes on some wild fucking adventure then starts backing up for an eternity and tries to fish in the middle of nowhere on some road.


Also tries to mount a fucking water mount ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. No. Just fly damnit. You can fly. it's a thing. USE THE FLYING MOUNT AND FLY OVER THE WATER. If you desperately just want to swim, then at least use the fast Underlight Angler....

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Why can't the bot fly? Why does it need to follow the ground path nonsense?

Just figured out where this grand adventure the bot keeps going on is, it's trying to path down to a fishing spot in highmountain that is easily flown to, but the bot wanted to find some nonsensical path to it, and by trying to find a path, the pool would despawn from range, causing the bot to be stranded or path back to realize the pool is still there and go back to the previous error


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