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Weird behaviour in outlands with pathing


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So I am experiencing really weird behaviour by the bot when in outlands and hellfire more specific. Instead of following the profile it starts flying/riding south, past all lands out into nothing until it cant anymore. I have tried different mounts, different profiles, even made my own profile but it just did the same thing. it is like it cant follow waypoints in outlands, anyone know a solution?


This is some of the logs when its happening


[Path-Finding] FindPath from -660,0883 ; 2858,908 ; 70,28365 ; "Flying" to -11697,32 ; -2386,702 ; -1,188375 ; "None" (Expansion01)
[N] 17:16:06 - [Path-Finding] Cannot find path: -660,0883 ; 2858,908 ; 70,28365 ; "Flying" (Expansion01_26,63955_33,23767) to -11697,32 ; -2386,702 ; -1,188375 ; "None" (Expansion01_36,47507_53,93248)
[N] 17:16:06 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 1 (0y)

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