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Simcraft Profile to C# or Lua

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I'd like to be able to convert a simcraft profile to c# or lua fight class kind of how Ovale addon does for rotation scripts or taking Ovale scripts to a fight class. Any ideas?

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The simcraft rotation or other addon is not pefrect. You must write your own rotation and tune it in long run to get the proper high values of dps. Study the char , check all possible values which increase the dps etc etc. The priority system used by example by pqr can be easly simulated in c# using something like that.

Pseudocodish way

spellName = "fillerSpellName"

if (something && something ) spellName = "spell1";

if (somethingElse && somethingElse ) spellName = "spell2";

if (somethingElse2 && somethingElse2 ) spellName = "spell3";



The lowest spell in the program ( or higher in the line number ) will be executed first and then the rest if the condition from the lowest is not ready etc etc.

I myself after a month of tunning and checking was able to make perfect destro lock rotation but well it was worth it ( conditions in that rotation are different than in simcraft tho )

About the automatic conversion - well there is no such program here and who knows maybe somebody will write it.



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