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Questing profil doesnt gather a specific object


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Hello everyone,

I'm making a full questing profil for 1-6 Cold Ridge Valley (Gnome/Dwarf starting area) for Vanilla/TBC.

I have an issue with the quest "A Refugee's Quandary" (http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=3361) :

- The quest require to gather 3 differents item (unique object).
- To do this, i have splitted the quest in 4 EasyQuest, 1 for PickUp/TurnIn, and 1 for each item to gather
- All work fine for the 2 first items (Box and Chest) but the bot dont want to gather the 3th (Bucket)
- The bot go on the good hotspot (X="-6479.465" Y="507.0748" Z="385.8915") but just dont gather the bucket (the bucket is here, in front of him)

I really dont get it, the 3 EasyQuest for gathering the 3 items are exacly the same (except the hotspot, the EntryIdObjects and the AutoDetectObjectiveCount).
I have checked multiple times the EntryIdObjects, and i have the good one : 178085 (http://db.vanillagaming.org/?object=178085).

Any Idea why he doesnt gather the bucket ? (i tested it on Warmane Outland - TBC)

Thanks for you help


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