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Channeling spell issue

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Hello everyone

I got a problem with channeling spell (like drain life or drain soul), the bot just spam it when the GCD is off instead of waiting the cast end, THEN use it again eventually

Am i missing something or... ?

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You need more conditions on your spells, and you need to prioritize your spells. In the list move spells up and down. The top = Highest priority ( Or highest priority number ) and the bottom = Lowest priority ( Or lowest priority number )


For summoning, id recommend turning off the pet option at the top left. It doesnt seem to work well with either Warlock pets or Vanilla in general. This is how mine are setup but I also run it in a party atm with a healer ( Endless lifetaps etc ) Note: I add pretty much ALL spells as True for " Add to settings ". Then you just click the gear icon and you turn on desired spells. In case you want to use different summons/builds etc.


Summon Voidwalker

Spell Settings:

Timer = 11500 ( helps prevent double cast )

Check if spell is good distance: False

Check if target is in view: False

Combat only: False


Mana Percent = Bigger or Equal 50%

Have Pet = False

Have Target = False ( So you keep fighting if your void goes down, rather than trying to summon in combat and just dying )


Drain Soul:

Spell settings:

Timer: 1000


Target Health Percent = Smaller or Equal 70% ( If solo, youll want a lower value )

Item Count: ID= 6265, Number= 4, Type=Smaller or Equal ( This checks for soulshards in bag. If below desired number, bot will cast drain soul )


Your Life Tap should have a health % condition too. You dont want to life tap to 0hp and get hit once. I setup 3 different life taps for mine. One to life tap back up out of combat while moving to the next mob. One to life tap for certain conditions during combat and a 3rd for life tap while Renew is active on Warlock. If I get more time ill return to explain more or edit your file and repost it. Good luck, and dont forget about "Spell Settings" and adding more conditions.

EDIT: Oh, and if you use pet without the pet option on then youll need to add this in the "Add Spell" where you add spells in the drop down list


Spell Settings:

Timer= 3000

Check if spell is good distance= False

Check if target is in View=False

Combat only= False

Not Spell, is lua script= True


Have Target = True

Have Pet = True


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