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Use Item (from quest) on another target


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Hello im doing a quest profile now.

i only have a problem with http://www.wowhead.com/quest=6395/marlas-last-wish

1. First step is to kill Samuell Fipps  ( no problem) loot item

2. after that i need to go to http://www.wowhead.com/object=178090/marlas-grave
and burn his remains

my problem is the bot dont go to this possition and use these item on the grave


please can anyone help me out?  im using version 1.7.5 (vanilla)  with the  easy quest editor
what is needet go get this working ?


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Create another quest using the quest Editor, use type : Gatherer. Go to the position of the grave, add my position > then to add Object entry manually, type in the name of the grave. You can mouseover it in game. Create step for it after the pulse.  


include your profile if didn't work.

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