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I am able make simple questing profiles and fight classes using the tools provided by Wrobot.


An example being questing, I can do a quest chain of kill loot, gather, talk to NPC but if it requires anything more complicated than that, like using a vehicle to kill NPCs you can't do that with out Csharp.(I think ?)

An example with Fight class, I would like to be able to if faced by multiple enemies cc one and attack the other or make a healing fight class for BGs and Raids which again i believe require knowledge of Csharp.

I am aware that Wrobot make quest editor and fight class creator is very user friendly.


Is there any specific documentation for Wrobot or do i just need to go and learn Csharp?

There is a very indepth guide to making HB fight classes can i use and change to few lines to make work with Wrobot?

How hard is it to make the leap from using Wrobot tools to coding?


Thank you for the help.


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my toon is playing himself, so I have time to answer your question. :)

Yes, you have to learn C#

However, Since you have experience in making fighter class, you should have some idea of how the rotation work. I will suggest you to download some basic c# fighter class and try to understand what it is about and try to modify to fit your needs.

and learn how to code is really fun, hope you enjoy it. (I think making a very smart bot is more interesting than play myself)

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