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Overlapping Interrupting Spells if enemy is casting

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Hello, I created a quick fight class for DK. I added Mind Freeze and Strangulate to stop enemy cast, I set higher priority for Mind Freeze, then Strangulate just below.

The problem is when both spells are available, and target is casting, character does Mind Freeze + Strangulate at the same time, I also added to Strangulate condition "IsSpellUsable - Mind Freeze = False" but doesn't help.

Like the target is casting->the bot does Mind Freeze->the bot thinks the target is still casting and sees Mind Freeze cannot be used->Strangulate.

Should I move the Strangulate some row away from Mind Freeze to give the robot a delay time to react or what?

Also, I noticed (but I'm not sure 100%) that the bots runs the spell priority list in a "slow" order, from highest to lowest. But sometimes when character is low health, it keeps doing low priority spells (offensive) instead of using the defensive spells that are on top priority, like it needs to finish the cycle to read again top spells. It's kinda a slow version of pqr. What could be the cause?

Thanks for reading and any kind of help :)



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