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Pathfinder error for Argus teleporter: Hope's Landing


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There is a problem with the meshes for Argus - Antoran Wastes, at the Hope's Landing teleporter. Whenever you start a bot there and move to any end point outside that area, it will get stuck on a ledge and run into a wall forever. The problem is that there is also a graveyard point near there, so whenever your character is botting in that area and dies, it's ghost will spawn there and forever get stuck. 


An example path:


-2893.498   8774.849   -228.335  



-2751.585   8830.978   -206.8602    


Also, does anyone know why the blacklist pathfinding does not work? I blacklisted the ledge the bot tries to take and tick the avoid blacklisted route option in wrobot setting, but I turn on 3D radar and the bot still runs into the red blacklisted zone.


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9 hours ago, KnightRyder said:

yep seems like the same issue. 

Any way you got around it? Blacklisting the location didn't seem to help - the bot still creates a path into blacklisted areas and get stuck. 

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