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Holy Paladin Fight Class (Party Mode) Vanilla

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I was looking around for something like this and I found an old file that Droidz had posted for a quick holypaladin test fight class. I'm having difficulties getting that profile to heal a target that isn't the one listed in the settings. Is there a way I can quickly fix this myself or perhaps I can commission someone that has a better understanding to help create a fight class for this purpose? I'm mainly looking to have a heal bot for 5 man instances while leveling doesn't need to be overly complicated. Thanks in advance!

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I got the profile to work using an older thread that had relevant information. However Party option for a healer is very sporadic in an instance. The bot will sometimes run out and during the fight it seems very hit or miss if it'll heal or not. Any advice?

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I am currently working on fightclass for priest for party mode. Everything seems to work ok'ish, the only thing I can't get to work is when the priest takes damage and should heal himself. I simply can't get this to work.

Do your paladin heal himself in party mode? If so, could you share what you did?



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