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Bot not attacking in instances (works fine outside of instances)


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I am attempting to create a profile that will allow my characters to farm instances, but the bot refuses to attack mobs unless the character is being attacked. It just walks right past them.

It works perfectly well outside of an instance, e.g. in Durator, but totally ignores the creatures in Ragefire Chasm

I've tried this in a number of instances and my toons/bot just walks past the mobs/creatures.

Here is a simple version of my Ragefire Chasm profile:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<GrinderProfile xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
      <Name>Ragefire Chasm</Name>
      <TargetFactions />
        <Vector3 X="-17.72703" Y="-54.8802" Z="-21.52282" />
        <Vector3 X="-25.0171" Y="-52.55203" Z="-21.54957" />
        <Vector3 X="-32.77445" Y="-50.73266" Z="-21.58945" />
        <Vector3 X="-40.60863" Y="-48.78339" Z="-21.74464" />
        <Vector3 X="-48.31816" Y="-46.46735" Z="-21.76607" />
        <Vector3 X="-53.48194" Y="-44.911" Z="-20.81081" />
        <Vector3 X="-61.102" Y="-42.3075" Z="-18.44841" />
        <Vector3 X="-66.40332" Y="-40.36185" Z="-16.88162" />
        <Vector3 X="-71.90108" Y="-39.57018" Z="-18.40888" />
        <Vector3 X="-65.78781" Y="-41.36937" Z="-17.14776" />
        <Vector3 X="-57.81004" Y="-42.91796" Z="-19.63651" />
        <Vector3 X="-49.96912" Y="-44.34157" Z="-21.56773" />
        <Vector3 X="-42.07709" Y="-45.928" Z="-21.8637" />
        <Vector3 X="-34.304" Y="-47.56054" Z="-21.8637" />
      <Npc />
      <BlackListRadius />

There's no entering or exiting the instance in that code, it's just a simple test to try and see if my toon would attack anything.

I do not have any addons.

I have no quests, and not interested in doing any.

The sole purpose is to farm drops from the ordinary mobs, and the odd elite for disenchants, cloth and any other goodies :)

As I said above, grinder profiles I create outside of instances work fine, but in instances, the toons just ignore the creatures unless being attacked.

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Please try to use Quester instead of Grinder.

I'm currently working on Dungeonprofiles and with Quester I had no problems regarding Mobs.

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Finally got this sorted. Using KillAndLoot quest to enter and exit the instance, then a series of FollowPath quests to go through all the mobs in the instance, that way the toon kills and loots most if not all mobs.

I've create a number of FollowPath quests, so that they end and begin at a key point in the instance, where additional scripting will allow for interaction with things and/or the taking on of bosses. I'll add those just as soon as I figure out how. 

It took a while to get to this point, because being stubborn, I would not let go of trying to do it with a Grinder script, but there were issues I could not solve, so Quester I went :)

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