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  1. Hey, iirc now, WRobot has a general Problem with this. Sorry.
  2. nudl


    I yelled when I saw how smooth it becomes. Can't wait for a non-beta Version.
  3. I said "A Follow Path Quest with Current Quest Completed when at the latest position" That's a specific part for the follow path quests. But nevermind: If you just want to farm the gas clouds, you'll have to create a UseItemOn Quest, add the GasClouds ID (you can find the ID of the clouds via Helper Tools), some spots and as Item the Moteextractor. Edit: The clouds are npcs, aren't they? I don't know if the bot can handle them tbh as I never did something with them.
  4. I don't really get what you're trying to do? What has http://www.wowhead.com/item=23821/zapthrottle-mote-extractor to do with http://www.wowhead.com/quest=9640/the-shade-of-aran#comments ?
  5. Hey kain7826, it's best if you'd use the Easy Quests Editor. Pulse> A Follow Path Quest with Current Quest Completed when at the latest position and not required in Questlog activated RunMacroLua> /use item:ITEMD Same thing for the other spot. Should be the simpler way.
  6. Best workaround imho for this is to just use normal bags instead of the ammo pouch and not worrying about the bonus.
  7. Hey Cadbury. Do you by any chance use the Map Feature? This happens randomly for me too and I am too using 800x600 on 1440p. When this happens I normally just close the window and let it relog newly (and deactivate the Map feature.)
  8. You can't use it as a security feature then, but why don't just set it to 99999?
  9. Try to add Blackspots yourself where the bot get's stuck in the Gatherer Profile. (Profile Creator -> Blacklist) Sometimes there are just such messed up meshes / places where the bot doesn't figure it out by itself.
  10. Hey, after testing it myself, wondering why it doesn't work, I took a closer look: It's Gallows' End Tavern, not Gallow's End Tavern. So, it does work. :D Keep in mind that such little things will always happen. Really appreciating your eloquence, by the way.
  11. Hey again. That's the thing. Afaik we (I, atleast) can't be sure about whatever the hearthstone is or is not bound to a certain location - Without making it harder for the user. (Multilanguage, using the Profile at any level, etc...) You caring about quality is very nice, keep up that good trait. :) As you see in the post from Zan, you can read it with <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="Lua.LuaDoString<string>("bindlocation = GetBindLocation(); return bindlocation;") == "Trade District"" /> but that will just work with you localization. So, yes, you can read it and WRobot can do the steps after this, but not without strictly making it for a specific localization. To 4.) There is no such thing as a ObjectManager.Me.BindLocation. You can use some kind of assembly explorer and look into WRobot\Bin\wManager.dll There you can find all there is. Maybe you'll find something helpful. That's as close as to a documentation as you can get. Sorry for not having a straight answer. Greetings.
  12. You don't need any coords. You just need be near the gong. Over short distance the pathfinder will do the work.
  13. The Gong in the Razorfen Downs isn't only a GameObject since it got redesigned, but also a Unit. I've used this two RunCodes one after another: Can't test if they still work though, as I don't do anything on official servers anymore.
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