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Quest: Just a Drop in the Bucket

[DTN] Zerokx

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Hello Droidz and Community i have some problem

Quest: Just a Drop in the Bucket

I tryed it with C# and Simple InteractwithNpc but nothing works the all time trys to walk under the world becaus some paths goes under the world there if he try to talk with "Mereldar Plague Cauldron" have anyone some ideas to fix it? 

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Did'nt remember exactly but this is wat i've done few month ago on MoP on a private server.

      <Name>Just a Drop in the Bucket</Name>
      <QuestClass xsi:type="InteractWithNpcEasyQuestClass">
          <Vector3 X="1648.858" Y="-4802.978" Z="86.754" />
        <Macro />
      <CanCondition />
      <IsCompleteCondition />
      <Comment />


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