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Quester Profiles in C#


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Hello folks!

Just curious if i can write whole quest profiles in C#. I did find some examples and classes to derive from for quests, but it appears that those files have to be coupled with a xml-file. Currently i'm using RunCode and the likes quite often in the quest profile editor and while growing those files becomes quite tedious to edit. So basically my question is if there is a way to tether those .cs files, which derive from various quest classes,  together without fiddling around with xml while preserving the ability to fill the gaps between those quest files with custom code. 


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thanks, it is not exactly what i was looking for, as i've still to tether all the files together with a xml file. i hoped that there is a way to avoid the profile editor completly as it is quite cumbersome to work with it... . gonna look into it if it is possilbe to write a product for my needs. prolly possible if i dig into the api a bit more...

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Well its doable but dunno if its worth the hassle to rewrite an existing product just for the sake of not using the profile editor :D Still i guess you could tweak the movement, approaching vendors/questgivers/trainers/flightmasters more easily with predefined pathes. Like if you are near a vendor that is inside a house swap to a predefined path instead of generating a new one with recast and detour...which gets stucked or hugs the wall like crazy.

Hacked a small example together which is despite the name not very 'advanced' haha... . I've included two quest examples for Valley of Trials. Tested on TBC. Kinda wonky and not 100% working right now :/ Most of the included classes are empty as i've added them cuz i thought those features might be handy or must be included to work properly... . Atleast it was more convenient to write the quest profiles and a lot faster than with the profile editor x)



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