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New user, few questions.


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Hi there guys,


So im  trying out WR seeing the downtimes are very low, made a gatherer profile but noticed that it keeps trying to "skin" mobs without having skinning(i activated it to mine eystone/felslate basilisks because of the rank&potential respawns)which loses alot of time after a few hrs.

It also seems to go back to already looted mining/herb spawns sometimes, generally wasting time that way.

Also i wanted to know how i add a mailbox to the gatherer profile or if the mailing goes automatic if enabled in the settings?How do blacklist mobs ? The BL in the "tools" did not apply to my profile.

So far ive set randominazion to 1.5 and not go into caves since it seemed to cause some mesh issues.

Thanks alot, cool to try out something new ;)


1 Nov 2017 12H47.log.html

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Also i wonder why it resets the ingame FPS settings to 50 every time, 50 fps is a massive waste of hardware resources compared to 20-30 fps. Would be nice if someone  supports me, Thanks in advance!

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