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How to add wrobot dll as relative reference to my project


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This may be a dumb question, but I cant find any useful information for solution. I am using VS2017 Community

So as I click "Add reference" to add those dlls to my project, I actually get absolute reference, If I distribute my FC/Plugin to market, I dont think others can just run it.

So is there a way to add relative reference? As soon as I compile and give away my "xxxfighterclass.dll". they can just put it under their fighter class folder and good to run?

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Hello @Weicheng, adding the references to your visual studio project shouldn't make any problems in the end. The compiled libary can be put in the desired folder and can be run as long the referenced libraries are in "\WRobot\Bin\" or in the same folder with its executing library but this doesn't count for net framework related libraries.

So, yes under normal conditions you can distribute your library and they're good to go.

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