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Good day, guys. Sorry for my english, far not my native language. Some teoretical questions about pickpocketing. Just for discuss.

Lets say we want to farm stuff by pickpocket. But we don't want to be detected. And don't want to use Grinder bot, because of to poor functionality.

1) What product do you suggest? I have thinking about Quester because then we may set up steps like "Farm-farm-farm-mail_or_open_chests-sell-farm-farm-farm", or something like that. But maybe i'm wrong.

2) To stay in stealth we have to avoid mobs. Not just stupidly run trugh them, if they are agressive. I have thinked about that problem for a while and honestly, have no idea how to force code "avoid mobs routine". It easy to check for a hostile mobs aroung, but how to stope move if we are going in to one of them? Any ideas maybe?

3) According to Droidz example:
We have to use Interact.InteractGameObject(), and then stop attack because that function lounches autoattack automaticly. But i think that sometimes bot will attack the target anyway if target is to close. And that issue have to be avoided somehow aswell, because that will breake our stealth, and we don't want that. Maybe it's possible to override entire function or interact with the target just by lua? What do you think?


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