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Macro insert random delay

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So far I've been able to figure out profile and fight class creation but I'm stuck with a core function for my bot.

It's going to rely on the use of an in game macro. What I need is to have a random delay on said macro between x and y seconds. 
Preferably I can run another function with this also, essentially having combat and pathing handled by the bot with two macros for targeting a special mob and running this function.

Any idea's/advice?

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Some advice would be really appreciated even if it was "you can do this via x" -> Point me in the direction and I'll research the how. What I don't know is the unknown at the moment.


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 private void foo()
     var tmp = calculateRandomByRange(1000, 3000);
     //sleep for random between 1000 and 3000
     // run macros
  private int calculateRandomByRange(int lower, int upper)
        Random r = new Random();
        return (r.Next(lower, upper));

Here is how you do a random sleep between 1000 and 3000 milliseconds in C#. 

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