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Cannibalize in Fight Class?


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Hey all, 

Trying to configure my undead to prefer to use Cannibalize before using food after an enemy has been killed. Tried around with different conditions but I cant get it to work. Any ideas?


Best regards. 

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I tried putting it in as a spell

to use both outside and in combat , with target health 10% or less, when my hp is below 75%, and more


I can get it to work when I dont have any food in my bags, but I want to use food still just want cannabalize to be prioritized. 


Thanks for your answer :)

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1 minute ago, Zan said:

Cannibalize can only be used on dead targets.

Well yes, but my intention was to make it spam it so it would trigger before eating. I tried all theese not combined but separate. 

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