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WRobot Keep Crashing (Win 7)


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Hello, I changed computer recentely (I was using Win 8), so far I never expereienced problems and it's been 1 month with this new pc, but 15 minutes ago, out of nowhere,  the wrobot started crashing (I was creating and testing a fight class). I already tried to reboot the computer and the robot aswell, thinking it was something random...but nothing. The crash is happening everytime. I tried other features like battlegrounder, or auction, nothing, after some seconds the robot completely crashes.

Here are the errors displayed in Windows 7 diagnostic:


I searched on the internet it seems something related to the vga card, could be that since I have an integrated shitty crap, but outside wrobot, I don't see any problems..So I was wondering if there is some connection between the robot and these files..At least focusing the problem would be a nice start since now I'm literally lost and I don't know what triggers the crash.

Thanks for any help :D

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UPDATE: It's the plugin "Butler", I disabled it and now it seem to work. I don't understand.


It happens when I manally add items and set them a fixed value, for example Heirlooms, which are counted as item level 1 and with 0 stats, so I put them in a "white list" with specific value (tried 0, like default GM gear, and 5000+), still crashes when I set these items..

EDIT2: Kinda fixed, the heirloom shoulders in white list makes the robot crash (the weapons don't). I may contact the developer

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