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Endless stuck when traveling to corpse


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1.) please see attached a log and a screenshot of my dead druid trying to reach its corpse endlessly, running against an obstacle. (see screenshot)

a simple  hit onto the spacebar  (lifting the char a few meters) solved the stuck.

I understand that they may be situations where unstuck does not succeed.

But after like 30 seconds it shoud then try again (by clicking "return to corpse")  or rezz at GY  with sickness.

2.) also you can see in the log:

Although I disabled every attacking/fighting etc when farming in the options, and NO plugins installed   there are still a lot of:

"[Farming] Player is attacked and near the node, dismount to start fight before farm."

messages in the log - so a lot of unneeded fights.
Why ?

10 Jan 2018 08H13.log.html


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