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Dont load next Questing Profile


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Search for <QuestsSorted Action="LoadProfile" NameClass="nico\xy\lvl20.xml" /> in the head of the profile, if its not there u will have to add the line.

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Thanks :) Try it tonight...


edit:  the quests are in the root directory in "..\Profiles\Quester\Ally 15-20.xml"

In the Profile is "<QuestsSorted Action="LoadProfile" NameClass="Ally 20-25.xml" />"

and the bot looks like..Skizze.thumb.png.0280c93f54aa1c653ca061ce065e8732.png

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The bot should load and execute your specified next profile, when reaching the "Load profile" step. However, that won't affect the chosen profile in settings. After stopping the bot, you have to either select the next profile by hand (three clicks), or let it run through that currently selected profile again, until it reaches "Load profile".

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