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I can't get the "advanced settings window" to be large enough to read.  It wont maximize and I can not click and drag to resize.  I have asked this before and the only answer i get is to change the resolution.  I have tried every resolution and nothing makes this bigger.  The bot is worthless because I cant drink, so i stand to regen as a mage...fun.  Can someone please tell me how to resize this window so I can use options on this bot.  Thanks

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2 minutes ago, FNV316 said:

Which resolution do you use? Problem is probably not the bot, but your system settings. This may help:


While i dont have these exact setting probably b/c of windows version.  I change the text size and it just makes it a bigger tiny window that cant be maximized or resized.  I still cant decifer which 


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That does indeed look weird. Have you tried downloading wRobot again? Maybe a corrupt file. As a workaround you could use a program like Sizer to make the window larger by force.

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