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"Game version doesn't match"


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Hello there! so i JUST bout a 3 day key, and was super stoked to give Wrobot a go! 

However, as soon as i launched a 32 bit wow from wrobot, login and get ready to go, then a "STOP   Game version doesnt match" window pops up on my screen! but it seems like it got updated on friday... no? whats going on?

Hope this gets sorted out soon, i need my "botting fix" since i lost HB :( lol


*Edit* added photo confirming that Wrobot is on version 1.8.5(37277) for WoW 7.3.5 (25881)


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on another note, i pulled a stupid and put it in "borderless windowed" instead of windowed.. works as intended, just made a custom gather profile and cant wait to test this out!

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