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OverridePulseCSharpCode -condition question


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hey guys

i have a problem with the following quest step

I want to interact with an object and then press a button

so far no problem
after pressing the button he should jump to the next quest step but he does not do that he repeats the steps
I need a condition that he jumps to the next step if
when he has pressed the button

does anyone know how to do that?

here the SharpCode


		var npcPos = new Vector3(450.2473f, 1446.444f, 741.041f);
		var npcID = 273292;

		npcPos = new Vector3(450.2473f, 1446.444f, 741.041f);
		npcID = 273292;
		GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithGameObject(npcPos, npcID, 1);
		Lua.LuaDoString ("QuestChoiceFrameOption1.OptionButton:Click()");

		return true;


and in the FullCSharpCode can i make a threadsleep timer after use a item on Npc?


public sealed class AnOfferingofLight : QuestUseItemOnClass
    public AnOfferingofLight() 
		Name = "An Offering of Light";
        QuestId.Add (48559);

        Step.AddRange(new[] { 1, 0, 0, 0 }); 
        HotSpots.Add(new Vector3(409.9177f, 1426.398f, 741.7526f));
        ItemId = 152593; 
        Range = 5 ; 
        Thread.Sleep(8000); // Time to wait after using the Item??

thanks for help


best regards



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