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help with Taunt logic

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Hey together,


i need help with implement a taunt logic, i allrdy made a post on the German section wich i goes international is a better way still.


so, iam playing a Prot warrior in Vanilla,

what i want to solve


If target is OT ( Name Bdolf ) than dont taunt

if target is DD/heal whatever ( name Cdolf/Ddolf ) than TAUNT

if target is MT (name Adolf ) than dont Taunt.



wich conditions do i have to add that my Warrior will switch back to the Defensice stance ?


if i use MockingBlow ( wich needs Battlestance) that the bot moves automaticly back in defense stance

i add 1 per target wich is not the yellow of the egg :D

can someone help mi with that as well ? 


thanks for help

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