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How does the Robot read BG profiles?


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So I am working on SoTA and IoC profiles, I'm kinda close to the solution but still something is missing and I need some help/answers.

For example, I recorded a starter path A from B (which happens only at beginning) then I recorded a loop from B to B, passing throught C-D-E-F and so on. I opened the xml of the profile and copy/pasted this loop like 40-50 times (maybe more). My aim is to create a profile that does A to B path when bg starts, then endless loop until the bg is over. No matter where I die, If I die at beginning, it does the A to B path, if I die in the middle, it founds the nearest vector and start with the loop.

And here is where I noticed some problems

1) The Robot doesnt do EXACTLY what I've recorded. If I record a simple circle, it does it pretty good. But If I record no-stop a circle, then an inverted circle, passing again on the same path, but with inverted directions, it does kinda what it wants.

2) Now said that, I can't create a endless circle-loop with variations (so less bot-like and more realistic), because looks like when it reaches a vector, it decides the next point based on some rule that I don't know, I would want it "attaches" to the FIRST appearance of the vector in the profile. Because of this, happens it attaches somehow to the last/middle appearance of the vector so when the path is over, it tries to reach the start point (A) which I want to ignore because as already said I want an endless loop.

In few words: After creating a path from A to B, and then a 50x loop B to B, I want every time it dies inside the loop, it starts reading the profile from zero and find the first vector inside the B circle. Sometimes I have the feeling it dies, and it attaches to the 49th appearance (for example), making the endless loop a 1x loop, and then stucking in attempt to reset the profile by reaching A. Also, the profile doesn't replay exactly the path, if you pass multiple times on same spot (You can record from A to Z and it will be smooth, but if you do A to Z then Z to A in the same profile you can have some prolems)

Any solutions/ideas/answers?

Thanks for reading :)

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I just started making Bg profiles and i know your Problem. Since the Bots resets every death or Combat, my idea was (which also works halfway):
You set the first point A not to high(if reset he dont backtrack all the way) then make a big Round as outside as possible. Then make a second Round, pass all Graves, after each Grave do ALOT of Routing and watch that you never cross the most outer Round. 

If you done all clean, it should work that way:
He is running through all Bases, get killed @ one of them, respawns & takes his big Route from his Grave, dies then again, get respawned etc.. So he should never come close to the first Path.

On some Graves (like alot in AV) you dont spawn @ the same Place(sometimes more right/left etc), If you make the Waypoints here smart, he takes a different Path sometime. For example on my  Av Profile, he takes 3 different paths from Iceblood Graveyard respawn.

I hope i could help or at least inspire.^^

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My main problem was because of Isle of Conquest, I found a way to exit from the base when bg starts and then try to stay in middle forever. Because if you reach the end of the profile somehow, it will try to go to the starting point, the base, which is impossibile because there are gates down, and it will run into walls. So that was my plan, exiting from the base (A to B) then loop forever in a big circle, even with variations, but as already said, it doesnt happen. I copy-pastaed the loop more than 50 times, but happens it ressurrect, does a piece of route and then it goes to the base. Means it reached the end of the profile and tries to go back at the beginning. So basically my copy-pasta of the circle/loop is useless.

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