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Stop when I Press Stop


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I generally babysit my bot pretty hard, and I often have to stop it, because it's running into too large a pack or whatever. If it's already picked a mob and is running towards it, though, I have a hard time getting it to actually stop.

I hit stop on the program, and my toon just keeps running. I try sitting, jumping, turning, hitting forward, backward, whatever. My character just keeps running toward it's target until it runs right up to them. This usually results in death. I image I look like a broken bot, too.


Any ideas on how to actually stop my character when I stop the bot? It's really frustrating ....

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Yo @homeslice and @Donkomon,

so we need some more Information!
Therefore we need a logfile.
Official or Private servers? 
Did you guys try a clean install?
Movement is done via click to move, so if you stop and klick with your mouse somewhere will it be the same result?


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I'll post logs when I have some relevant ones again. I have tried clicking, around, too, but it doesn't seem to help.


e: playing on a vanilla private server, haven't tried a reinstall

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additional info
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