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Hi there again,


is there a possibility to detect if the the target is caster or melee?

I would like to add the "course of tongues" to my fight class, but I do not find the correct condition.

atm. I use Target is casting, but this does not work properly.


Thanks for help

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If your target is WoWPlayer or WoWUnit you can get it class:

WoWClass targetClass = ((WoWUnit)target).WoWClass;
swith (targetClass) {
  case WoWClass.Warrior: //melee
  case WoWClass.Paladin: // melee
  case WoWClass.Hunter: // range

but in some cases you need also target specialization (for example, for Druid). Its possible, but only on battlefield. Look Battleground helper plugin, how it detects enemy healers, no problem to detect melee/range too


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