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Freakz launcher

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On 20/02/2018 at 12:45 PM, blackeye said:

So if you play on freakz, it requires you to start game with launcher, you can directly launch from wow.exe. it will kick you from game.


but how do we launch wrobot with freakz launcher?

SO i figured it out.. just delete wow64.exe and the launcher will launch wow32.exe then you can bot with 7.1.5 wrobot version.


HOWEVER, dont do it! i created a new account and run wrobot with it. I had not even load profile. Warden instantly detected wrobot and i got banned for 1 day. lmao. seems freakz takes bot really serious and they been keep warning about it in-game. 


for those who banned in warmane and got bored with it, i suggest migrate to Freakz legion and play legit. it's a well scripted server. Most contents work. 

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