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Help I need spécial profile


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Hello I need a profile which allow the Battlegrounder to go buying objects that I have indicated in advance , once the 4000 points of honors acquired. After you have purchased the objects with the 4000 points of honors , the bot returns seek the 4000 points of honors and so on , until all the listed objects are purchased , which misdescribing them be always has side of his computer to be able to equip his character.

Thank you


*Sorry I don't speak English very well I hope you had understood

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Im sure that this would be a build close to a questing profile and there are tutorials on this in the forum. The questing profile will tell you how to add the gear and all to the profile for the bot to do. I hope this is more help.

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If I understood, you want the bot to buy Honor gear for you, right ?  Like it´s been said, that wotld need a sorta questing profile, which is not done ATM, but buying honor gear is pretty easy if u log on.

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