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Grinder NPC repairing rules? Where does the bot go?


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Hello, I'm working on a grinder profile which has different zones and vendors based on the character level, so for example first levels it repairs at Goldshire, then Westfall and so on. Every zone has a min/max level for the char and multiple repair NPCs (NOT vendors, I added only repair). I also uncheck the automatic "add npc to database", just to be sure the bot is using my npcs in the profile, and obviously I cleared the npc list before launching the bot.

The problem is I notice once reached the Stranglethorn Vale area (level 30~), it goes repairing everytime at Darkshire(Duskwood), or even at Sentinel Hill(Westfall). I checked multiple times the profile and in that grinder area there are 2 repairs at STV added by me, one at Rebel Camp, and another just below the bridge, at Nesingwary's Expedition, that are the closest one to the grind zone. I don't know why the grinder ignores them and goes so far to repair. I can't do many tests right now because of the banwave thing so I can't provide other informations.. but does somebody have an idea about what could be the problem?

Also, when adding npcs to the grinder profile, what do the "Save"/"Can Fly to"/"Is active profile" do exactly?

I assume

Save: saves the npc in the npc database?
Can fly to: is near the flightmaster? or is it in a flyable zone? I really don't know about this one.
Is active: is used in this grind area? (so it overrides oldest repairs, unless they are closer)?



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