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Vendor Profile, i need help!

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well, i just found an abuse that no one els has found, or atleast what i know of (have been looking around a lot) so its plaint and simple, you will be making 2 silvers per 4 sec, that adds up to a LOT in a matter of time, but its a pain in the ass, and a bot profile would help me out a ton. its really free freaking gold. so what you do is you run from one form of vendor and then buy a thing then run 4 meters and sell it in a other vendor. ( i cant tell more dont wanna spoil to much) and thats how you make 2 silver. and THE best part of it is that the char dont need to be over lvl 5 you can do it on like 10 char and make 20s per 4 sec its insane. well...WELL..

SOO.. the question is how do i make a profile that first runs to one vendor buys one special item then runs like 4 meters to a different vendor and sells it and do it again and again and so on. pls i need help fast! this will probly soon be hotfixed. :)) 

IF some one is willing to help me out in detail i might share the trick with you. :)

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