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Issues I don't know how to deal with


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I've been gathering around pandaria with different profiles (Mining + herb), there is some amazing ones, but im a newbie and stuck with 2 issues:



1 - My Characters tryes to farm QUEST herbs.



2 - Sometimes there is 2 Klaxxi or whatever fighting each other, and they keep me character in combat ! The Profile doesn't recognize them as a threat because they are not attacking me.


I already tried to use "attack first" or several other options, but im still stuck. Should i go for something in my fight class ? like IF "in combat, has no target" USE AOE X ??



Thank you very much

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Go to general settings click advance settings. go to wowhead.com search the item that the bot farms and copy the id in the url for example.


If I didn't want to farm ghost iron ore the id would be 72092 as it's the end of the url below.





Now add that code to the "DO NOT HARVEST" tab in advance settings.


As for the combat bug problem isn't away around it at the moment just blacklist the area.

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