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People easily recognize my bot

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People easily recognize my bot in BGs due to its path behavior. Numerous times they wanted to report me saying that my toon is repeating the same path over and over, which was pretty obvious. Is there a way I can make path unpredictable ? I am stuck here need recommendations to avoid this.

P.S. I am using the built in routes.

Thank you!

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Its debatable whether BG botting forced Blizzard to finally take action on botting. But I agree it's a top reason. That said, you should probably find another bot if you don't want to get caught in BGs. I really can't think of anything else the bot could do that would be any more detectable than BG botting. Whats worse than a bunch of players on a small map who all have to watch each other and work together as a team, when all of the sudden this random player who isnt responding just starts walking to the same spots every time. And while friendly players try to get you to work with them to win the battleground, the enemy team of 10+ players who are all engaged and watching intently eventually notice this one specific player who is really bad and clearly isnt a human. Having the bot grind npc's when we know the npc's limitations is safe. But humans being unpredictable leads them to be able to kite the bot into walls and such. I wont get into my personal opinions of people who bot BGs though. I've never used WRobot for Battlegrounds. Seeing how it quests/grinds is enough to know I never will use it in BGs. HB was believable but this just isnt the kind of bot. Theres only so much you can do with this bot. If you BG bot, you shouldnt really have any issue with reports/bans. It shouldnt never be an account you care for.

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