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"No items found" stuck bug

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Sometimes, very rare tho but still, the bot kinda stucks and everytime it does a research of the items to buy, it gets always the error "no items found", when obviously there are many and many auctions of them. The solution for me is: close Auction House window, stop WRobot, Re-open Auction House, start WRobot.

I initially thought it was because of the search delay, which was set at 10 seconds, so I put it at 20 seconds but still the problem happens so I don't think it's that.

I think it's more likely the bot stucks because of too many WoW opened, and maybe with a slow computer it can't process all the data and goes afk/stop working.
Usually I have 1 AH Bot to buy few items, running for several hours, and other WoW opened, for example another one when I do arenas and pvp (so no other wrobot opened)

It may happens, I don't care sooo much because anyway I always tab and take a look at the bot for security reasons, but well I just wanted to report this thing.
Also a small note: with addons (auctionator) I'm able to buy for example 40 stacks of 1 of "Linen Cloth" with one click. When WRobot finds these kind of auctions, it buys them one at time and it wastes so much time. If you can speed up this process and mass-buying it would be perfect. Greetings


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