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Bot not resting Food/Drink


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Hi there,

I think I read most (if not all) of the threads regarding this topic.
Still I do not know why my bot refuses to rest.
Ok, here is what I want him to do. Once a mob is killed I want him to rest until life is at something like 75%. I do not want him to eat or drink anything (not right now - I am only lvl 19).
Here is an image of my settings:


SO please let me know what I am doing wrong, because my little toon is dying because of attacking mobs rapidly (without any sort of resting) after each other.


Thanks in advance


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-You haven't set food / drink name

-"Drink" is disabled / unchecked

-"on 1% to 75%" means that your bot will start regenerating, if your health / mana is equal or smaller 1%. Increase the first value, to trigger it sooner

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