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  1. Sorash


    sorry i have paid 50 $ for the license for 20 years why i shoud pay again for the same thing ?????
  2. Sorash


    i have bought a license for 20 yeaor or more and now the licence it's expired ?
  3. Sorash

    don't found w32 version

    i have forced bits in options
  4. I bought a license before yesterday and tonight I made an update necessary and bam the bot tells me wrong version of the game you want to switch to 32-bit mode, but the problem is that I only play that 32bits. .. Alos what should I do because even after a re install it attempts an update and this is the same result
  5. i have launch the bot after the last update and don't work anymore he says bad version of game it isn't in 32bits but i have put it only in 32bits ...
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