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  1. I struggled with Wrobot for about 6 months (All my own fault) Every tool needed IE:- Tutorials, guides etc etc are all on the website and are rather detailed on how to use the bot yourself creating profiles etc etc If u take the time to look them up. Again it really makes me wild when ppl compare Wrobot with HB. HB is an awesome bot agreed but the fact of the matter is every ban wave is majority HB users (Telling you anything?) HB is now dead for the user as the dev's only care about your money these days not UNDETECTION.... I used Wrobot for over a year before my 6month suspension and that was again my fault not the bots. So in closing i would also say have fun with HB and enjoy your unlimited suspensions/bans...
  2. I agree with this. Constantly switching between the 2 settings would set of alarm bells almost instantly in my opinion.
  3. Not sure it has been put up yet or not but the code needed for druid to use regrowth instead of healing touch is.... ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff(69369) you need to add a condition then go to C Sharp Code and paste the previous buff code.
  4. Agreed my feral druid runs up to a mob and the bot keeps trying to spam dismount.
  5. You complain that the thread is not being read then complain when someone replies. What is it exactly you want?
  6. Wrobot is not detected by blizz yet. HB is detected by there injection point almost everytime.
  7. HB is The ban bot of the future the difference is HB is 100% detectable by blizzard Wrobot to date is not at all unless reported by a player. There is your "difference" between the two. P.S One can only hope all people jumping ship from HB to Wrobot would not be as arrogant as this person.
  8. Now this is a profile worth paying for as i can imagine it took more then 5 mins to create ;)
  9. Hi and ty for your replies it was what you said i had the wrong option setup :) all good now.
  10. lmao share this during content and u may make 20 silver. Paid profiles should be banned imo this is not HB so stop trying to make it like that. want to be paid don't share plain and simple. I am not real smart with coding and don't have much time but if anyone is wanting a profile and someone is trying to sell it I will do the best i can to give you the same for free. This is WROBOT not HONER BUDDY.... Get it in ya head.
  11. I have tried to do this and keeps giving the error saying not in context or something or rather. Log is attached TIA. 30 Sep 2016 06H49.log.html
  12. You could also just move the spell to the settings and don't turn it on. ;)
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