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Files posted by Arcangelo

    Please fill out this:
    So I know what people want :) !
    The old sellfy links are down - send me a PM with your mail, if you want updates !.
    World of Warcraft (Vanilla) leveling profiles:
    - Created for Vanilla version 1.12.1 (but can be used for TBC/Wotlk)
    - I have focused on doing as many quests as possible (following Jonas Vanilla guide), leaving minimal grinds for fastest possible leveling.
    - The profiles only support new Chars (chances are it will need a lot of pre-quests, and therefore run really bad, if you don't use it from lvl 1.)
    - The profiles are still in Alpha - and they will be updated when the 1-60 is complete.
    - A TBC and a WOTLK version will be released with outlands and Nothern at some point.
    * The profile can run on TBC and WOTLK private servers, but not as smooth as Vanilla.
    The profiles:
    The first 30 levels is now in Beta meaning:
    - Flightpath added, vendor/repair added, zeppeling and boat added, trainers added,  use of hearthstone, and added "quests needs to be complete to pick the next quest up" + added max levels for all quests (meaning it can run on 1-5 xp rate servers now) - And last but not least, added auto wrobot setting change when you run the profile + merged 1-30 to one big file.
    The full horde and alliance profile:  - 50 Euro
    Note: Horde 1-60, But alliance is only 1-56, but will be updated for free as they are finished
    The Horde profiles:
    Horde 1-40     - 10 Euro
    Horde 40-60      - 20 Euro
    "The Full Horde pack" 1-60 - 30 Euro
    The Alliance profiles:
    Alliance 1-40       - 10 Euro
    Alliance 40-60     - 20 Euro
    "The Full Alliance pack" 1-60"   - 30 Euro
    Helpfull tips:
    Stopping the bot from doing something (Pick-up / pulse or Turn-in):
    Go to Product Settings -> click on Profile settings(Enable/disable quests/steps) -> pick the part you don't want the bot to do, like pick-up a quest and just unmark it.
    Setup food/drinks:
    Go to General Settings -> Enter advanced settings... -> Food/Drink -> and inset you desired food/drinks for you toon !
    Setup selling:
    Go to General Settings -> Enter advanced settings... -> Vendor (Selling or Buying) -> setup the filters to your needs !
    As the bot as default is set to close after a teleport. this should be changed:
    Go to General Settings -> Close bot if teleported = OFF
    Get a good fightclass!
    Remember to relog when new skills are trained, or some fightclasses might now work
    Plugin "must have":
    Getting an Auto-Equipper:
    This plugin will help your toon to change to better gear as it is looted, and this is pretty much a must for the bot to run effective.
    The future plan for the profiles:
    Upcoming (so stay tuned):
    50-60 alliance
    Clean up + adding stuff like flightpaths, HS, Boat/zeppelins and so on
    Remember this is a huge project, and it takes time to complete each mark, so be patient.

    I have stopped making refunds from people buying a file for the wrong version of the game !
    Almost on a daily basis someone bought it and though it was for retail/other versions of the game, so read the description before you buy please.
    And as i can't remove your axx from the selly, all sales are now final!
    Happy old school WoW end game experience!!
    Find my other work here:


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  2. Hello guys & girls - First of all, sorry for my English, it is not my 1 language.   I have decided to put all my "Questing profile work" into 1 thread, to make it more manageable.
    - And because a lot of people have asked me for my other non released profiles. - and as I coulden't change anything in the other post    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   First of all we have the alliance questing profile (1-70)        Price 10 euro     Bot Quest Path:
    1-6 Northshire valley, 6-12 Elwynn Forrest, 12-17 Westfall, 17-20 Redridge Mountains, 20-25 Duskwood, 
    25-32 Northern Strangelthorn Vale, 32-37 Hinterlands, 37-45 EPL / WPL, 45-48 Badlands, 48-50 Searing Gorge,
    50-52 Burning Steppes, 52-55 Swamp of Sorrows, 55-60 Blasted lands
    + all outlands zones Futher more I have added some starting zones for other races aswell
    Night elf @ Credit to Eeny for helping with it, and to have made most of the outlands   - Note that this was created for 7.1 but should work with all newer versions of retail as well - let me know if there are any bugs other than pathing, and i will check it out. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________   Right now i'm working on a vanilla questing profile: Profiles:
    1-40 -
    40-60 -
    1-60 -
    1- 40 -
    40- 60 -   1- 60 -   Full Vanilla profile: This includes: Alliance 1-60 Horde 1-60 -   - Check the link for more info ! ______________________________________________________________________   Last but not least I have Fight classes (for retail wow)         Price 2.5 Euro   - They are made from icy veins suggestions for the diffent classes
    - They are aimed for leveling (so you can run the 1-70 allience profile without trouble - They should work with Eeny horde profile as well)
    - They all work untill lvl 110 - but some of the artifact weapons might not work, as I simply don't have all toons at 100+ lvl ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other leveling profiles: - Blood Elf 1-5         I am planning to release more leveling profiles, most likly untill it is possible to start whatever class and race you desire, and run it to xxx lvl - Please send me a pm, if i can help you with something - i can't promisse i will do it, but i can take a look at it. - Note for the retail profile, i won't look at the 70-80 part before Droidz have updated the pathing in Nothren. - I will ONLY update this thread for now on, so if there are any updates they will be posted here   And let's hope for a good 2017 botting year :)


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  3. Today we present a leveling fightclass pack:
    About the product:
    @eeny & I have made some leveling fightclasses to fit with our leveling profiles.
    As a lot of the 110 profile do not work as intended at lower levels.  
    The FightClass bundle contains 12 files (one for each class (-DK !) + 1 extra for druids and Warlock)
    with the recommended spec for each class to lvl as quickly as possible.  
    The bundle costs 2.5 Euro.
    We are not associated with WRobot company
    Arcangelo and Eeny
    The warlock profile is included as a demo !
    - Note that some of the profiles might have some trouble with the artifact weapon for the spec - as i dont have all classes in lvl 100+ let me know if some of the buffs ids are wrong so they can be fixed ! :D
    Our leveling profiles can be found here:


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  4. Just helping out a friend with the Blood Elf startarea.
    The profiles Runs from 1-5 and will be part 1 of 3.
    Let me know if you spot a bug :-)
    Kind regards


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  5. About This File
    Profile is for Alliance 58-70 Retail -7.1 legion created by @Arcangelo and @eeny - it starts in Hellfire Peninsula.
    This is a quest profile hundreds of hours of creating and testing.  
    We have prioritised 58-70 speed for this profile. 
    We have attached 1-12 as a demo (as this profile continue from the 1-60 profile). 

    At this time only 1-70 is ready for release however we would expect to release 1-80+ in due time.
    1-60 Done
    58-70 Done
    70-80 in progress
    Highly recommended to run with Heirlooms.  Not only the +exp but the gear is just...better, bots kill faster etc.

    This is a questing profile - the aim  is to get to 70 as fast as possible, so let it run and train professions when it's done

    The profile comes with two WoW addons to be placed in the wow/interface/addons directory
    QuickQuest is a must as it streamlines all the quest "admin" activities.
    Autogear is for those who are running without heirlooms.  It will upgrade gear for you.
    The bundle has known good versions however we always recommend going to and getting the latest versions.
    Updates to the profile will be provided free of charge to users who can prove they have bought the profile.  Send a PM to @eeny or @Arcangelo and we will update this thread with anything major- those who prove they have purchased will get and updated file sent to them.
    - This file can be obtained for free if you have bought the 1-60 profile, that can be found here:
    Price for the whole pack may go up as more profiles are added !.  
    We are using to distribute / sell the file.  the direct link is:
    The expansion will cost 2.5 euro, if you buy it alone
    - or will be provided free of charge if you bought the whole leveling pack for 10 euro:
    This profile have been tested to run 58-70 - however as it is still version 1.0.0 so some glitches may be unfounded by our testing.
    If you have already purchased and would like the updated bundle send a PM to @Arcangelo and @eeny with the purchase confirmation and we will send you a download link! 
    There is an optional extra for levelling fight classes built for 1-70+ levelling as a lot of the 110 profile do not work at low levels.
    The FightClass bundle contains 12 files (one for each class) with the recommended spec for each class to lvl as quickly as possible.  The bundle costs 2.5 Euro.
    - Don't use travel mount as a druid, as it will make some quests unavible to turn do !
    - We recommend to disable flying mount, as the patching of wrobot is sometime not the best in the air.
    We are not associated with WRobot company
    Arcangelo and Eeny


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  6. The 1-60 is in the final testing
    -> but still have some stuff to do, before it gets released.
    -> it will propperly end up a paid profile for around 10Euro + something for each expansion added.
    -> Thanks to Eeny for helping me with this project !


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  7. Just a leveling warlock profile 1-110:

    Should do decent DPS and keep you alive pretty much the whole way. GL


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