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  1. This ewt Works fine? Im looking for a gathering wow retail. I never see this New bot
  2. Hi guys... Are there any funcional bot for wow classic?
  3. Opa..pensei q nao estivesse... ban rolando semanalmente?
  4. Mas ta dando pra usar o wrobot?
  5. Pra farm nao rola esse gahandsfree?
  6. Hi dudes... simple question... Do wrobot works on retail??? I got many acc that return from 6 month block and i wanna botting (i know, is not safe). If wrobot dont works, can you tell me another funcional bot for retail?
  7. Vocês indicam algum bot que funcione no wow oficial (principalmente rotation)?
  8. Today I tried to use wrobot and the wrong game version message appeared. I had updated wrobot and the wow client was already updated (bnet does not show any wow updates to be made). Has anyone else had this problem?
  9. Fui pego em 2 de tres acc..mas usava sem pena (mais de 15h por dia). Tava nessa batida a meses. A q nao levou suspensao foi a q nao loguei por uns 3 dias
  10. Did you try active this account? I see one account mine that was suspended. Now, In armamory shows that account is inactive (not banned or suspended)
  11. If you are using grinder, when you sre near of the object, select ITEM in profile creator, write the name of the item and click in "add item" (or another link name, i dont remember now). Wrobot shows the item ID. Try this..
  12. So, i wanna a pluging that open doors if the char finds it.
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