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    1234 reacted to iloniegodx in Relogger wont login   
    A few updates ago it worked fine and now he wont do anything beside opening WoW+WRobot. 
    No login in wow at all. 
    Accountname+BnetEmail are set to the accountname
    Patch is 2.4.3
    Log is attached (the stop of the profile was initiated by myself, tried to reinstall relogger and deleted his settings but didnt change anything)
    Log Relogger.html
    EDIT1: Reinstalled whole Wrobot in a new folder. Relogger works now but the bot wont. No navigation at all, he just tries to climb a wall he obviously cant climb, facing doesnt work at all. Tried to delete meshes but didnt help.
    EDIT2: Had to restart WoW and open it by hand, navigation works now.. So it seems like i can use the Relogger or i can use a working WRobot, not both :<
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