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  1. mariothegoat

    Ban wave - 30 March 2018

    do you get instant perma ban if you're using bot for first time on retail? or there is a flag or what?
  2. mariothegoat

    How to make a Fishing Pool Profile

    is there a possibility to reupload images :( i can't make this robot function
  3. Guys, Thank you for your time! IS there any BOT or even grinder (etc) that can actually level my toon in Outlands to lvl from 62-69? Questers (in my case) doesn't work at all I downloaded all questers and It seems that i didn't find any quester that work at all
  4. mariothegoat

    My Bot doesn't work

    I just used MS DX newest version (repaired) it seems that did the trick tnx guys
  5. mariothegoat

    My Bot doesn't work

    it is DX12 atm and it was DX since ever do i need to downgrade it?
  6. mariothegoat

    My Bot doesn't work

    when i try to start it it keeps showing me this picture HELP?
  7. mariothegoat

    How to?

    sorry to bother you can you please explain it to me since i am very new :D
  8. mariothegoat

    How to?

    Greetings, I just recently bought wrobot. Is there anyone who can tell me how to actually make my bot to farm mithril ore ? Do i need to go on every location where mihtril stands while i record my locations?
  9. mariothegoat

    Very nice bot, however...

    Greetings, I've been playing on retail for years and just came back to wow to play on private server. I am interested in buying it however, it seems it is even buggy or i am noob in setting it up. I can't setup to fish in dalaran at all for example. When i try to download someones profile, it simply says that page doesn't exist etc... am I missing something or?