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  1. My wrobot window gets a different name,which is different from wy game neam. How slove this?
  2. This is new log 26 四月 2018 21H19.log.html
  3. My account is safe.I disabled wow addons,but do not work. WR disappers only on that private servers.
  4. I have updated the WR,but it still be detected.
  5. OK 26 四月 2018 19H00.log.html
  6. WR disappears for a few seconds after s I runed it , I guess this privte servers baned it. How can I sovle this?
  7. Hello, who knows How to set reply? For example:A say: hello? I want say hello too. How can I solve this? ( just say, not whisper)
  8. Sorry for my poor english,I wish you can understand this.
  9. Hi,I use Whisper Reply.cs in the privte servers, but the GM alwwys whisper,for exampe: please reply GHFGF(or something else),or your account will be baned. so, How can I do with this? who can solve this ,i appreciate for your help, or I can pay for it.
  10. who have a Pickpocket file,which can be used in TBC privte servers? I can pay for it.
  11. I added a repair npc in the npcDB,but it always goes another repair npc which is verry faraway. How can i do?
  12. "you cant use taxi while in shapeshifted",how can I solve this?
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