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    Hi Ordush, Apologizes ahead of time if it was already addressed however i am having problems with the FC at level 14 with my pets. The issue i am noticing is that after a while, the FC will run out of the appropriate food after spamming the feed pet ability. As one can probably guess the pet eventually become hostile and leaves and the hunter will sit there and do one of two things, it will spam "call pet" or spam revive. Eventually the FC will give up and try taking on mobs as a melee hunter unless i manually stop the bot and go tame another pet. So, my question is what setting am i missing or what is recommended so this does not happen. I don't think i am supposed to stop the bot every time i need to buy more food to feed the pet or tame a new pet when my last one leaves right? I hope this is clear/ makes sense. I would be glad to clarify anything else that is not. Also this is on Netherwing. Thank you!