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  1. [Paid][Horde] Dungeon Quester for ALL Dungeons 1-60 | 100% AFK | 230+ Quests | inkl. Onyxia Attunment | inkl. Class Quests | Automated Zep/Boat | Discord Support

    Dear fellow WRobot Users, I am glad to finally release my
    Dungeon Quester for Horde.
    Want to make your character look more real and run some dungeons, but cant be bothered with getting all Dungeons Quests? Are you too tired to do the whole Onyxia Attunement Quest chain, again...? Too lazy to cross continents 3 Times to get that sweet Quest Reward? Need PRE-BIS items from high level dungeons, but also want to have all the available Quests to maximize efficiency? Then you are the right spot! ALL Dungeons (even Onyxia Attunement) are included!
    If you want to test: The Demofile includes the Wailing Cavern Dungeon Quester profile!

    Does all the Quests necessary to aquire all quests for a specific Dungeon. This includes all Quest Chains before the Dungeon. Turns all of them in afterwards with the same Profile. This includes all Quest Chains after the dungeon, to make sure that all rewards are aquired. Over 230+ Quests included. Most Class Quests included, e.g. for Sunken Temple. There are mulitple dungeons runs necessary for some dungeons to complete all Dungeon Quests. This is included in the Profile. You can start the Profiles at any Level, since I coded all Quests with the appropriate level requirements! No Authenticator - super easy usage Recommended levels to be able to aquire all Quests are included! 100% AFKable - Zeppelins automated - The profile has been coded so there has to be 0 user interaction. Notifies you with a Windows Messages Box as soon as the PickUp/TurnIn for the specific Dungeon is done! Also the Bot stops automatically when done. Quests, which are started from Items that drop in the Dungeon, are also included in the Dungeon Quester Profiles. TBC + WOTLK ready More Quests will be continiously added, although this Profile already contains about 95% of all available and soloable Dungeon Quests. Discord Support for Recommendations/Bugreports: thxgod1#9824  

    Stratholme - Completes 23 Quests to get 12 Dungeon Quests. Also does all the "In Dreams" Quest! Scholomance - Completes 10 Quests to get 7 Dungeon Quests. Dire Maul - 100% of Dungeon Quests UBRS - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Proceeding with the Onyxia Attunement if eligble. LBRS - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Starting the Onyxia Attunement too. Onyxia Attunement - 100% of Attunement Quests included, 15 Quests. Notifies you at all steps. Blackrock Depths - Completes 16 Quests to get 10 Dungeon Quests. Includes the Molten Core Attunement! Sunken Temple - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Completes 21 Quests to get 8 Dungeon Quests. BONUS: 2 ClassQuests and their chains included so far: Warrior and Warlock (all other classes will be added with time) Maraudon - 100% of Dungeon Quests Zul Farrak - 100% of Dungeon Quests Uldaman - 100% of Dungeon Quests -Completes 17 Quests to get 9 Dungeon Quests, including all the Quests in front of the dungeon. Several runs are necessary. Scarlet Monastery - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Completes 15 Quests to get 6 Dungeon Quests Shadowfang Keep - 100% of Dungeon Quests (including Warlock Class Quest) Razorfen Downs - 100% of Dungeon Quests Razorfen Kraul - 100% of Dungeon Quests (inklusive Warrior Class Quests) Blackfathom Deep - 100% of Dungeon Quests (including Warlock Class Quest) Wailing Caverns - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Completes 17 Quests to get 7 Dungeon Quests Ragefire Chasm - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Completes 11 Quests to get 5 Dungeon Quests  

    Download the profile Unpack the .rar Place your specific Dungeon Quester Profile .xml into the Wrobot/Profiles/Quester folder Start the bot with the Profile of your choice Check for Message Boxes from time to time to see if the Bot is finished! Enjoy! NO AUTHENTICATOR!  

    [Horde] Dungeon Quester / ALL Dungeons / 100% AFK / 230+ Quests - 6,79€

    I am not associated with the wRobot company in any way! You are purchasing a digital copy of a product, therefore no refunds possible.
    The profile does not run the Dungeon itself, it only gets all Quests available for a specific Dungeon done, beforehand and afterwards.
    For the part of running the actual dungeon, i recommend one of either things:
    - Let the bot do the Dungeon with @Ordush Dungeon Party Bot (Paid): https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1685-paid-dungeon-party-dungeon-bot-by-ordush/
    - Let the bot do the Dungeon with @nudl Dungeon Suite: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/7385-dungeonsuite-nudl-v010/
    - Let the bot do the Dungeon, while running "Party" product in a real group
    - Or, can of course always do it yourself with WRotation and a real dungeon group


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  2. Herb Auto Blacklist Plugin

    Hey guys,
    attached you find my Herb Auto Blacklist Plugin. Whenever a herb turns "gray", the bot blacklists that herb and your bot wont harvest it.
    Which means, you wont need to manually put the grey herbs into "Dont Harvest Object" list.
    Only tested on WOTLK, please someone test on Vanilla/TBC and report to me if it works there too 🙂
    Thanks for helping with rewriting Plugin in c sharp @Bambo
    Thanks for original Mine Blacklist Plugin @Matenia


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  3. [FREE] 1-80 Enhancement Shaman WOTLK

    Hello people.
    This Shaman Fightclass will take you all the way from 1-80.
    Uses almost every skill in appriopriate situations, obviously aimed at Enhancement talent build.
    Included: Wolves, all Shocks, Stormstrike, all Enhancement Talent Skills, Water Shield at low mana, and much more.
    Its not decrypted so feel free to download and check it out.
    Let me know if you think that something else could be added.
    Things that will be added in future:
     - Cleansing
     - Ankh usage


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