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  1. hello i have the same problem wrobot asking for 26972 the server i play using 26365 ( legion 7.3.5 ) please help i tried everything please help
  2. it fixed by it self after few hours idk what happen :S bot start working fine
  3. [E] 13:12:00 - PathFinder server seem down, try to change server. [E] 13:12:01 - PathFinder server seem down, try to change server
  4. hello I have issue with the pathfinder getting this error : [Security] Pathfinder server seem down, pause bot for 20 secondes bot keep running to wall and keep walking
  5. which server this one if i may ask 😄 just to be careful
  6. hello i have been using Wrobot for 5 years with no issues just since last 2 days every time i try to download any profile the download contents page pop up as white and stuck the menu not loading up I attached screen shot . can any one help me please. thank you
  7. thank you mate i have been looking for this since 6 months its working fine now
  8. hello i have been trying to make it work for me i even test in in multi servers and reinstall the bot many time the arche not working other mods working 100% please help i been buying this bot since 5 years
  9. - if my pet tanking keep switching between melee and range every 2 sec which case any one see it will know its bot 100% - not feeding pet even i did the set up for the food name. - keep switch pet to passive mode which end up me to die every time since pet not fighting. - some time its ignoring my died pet and not revive it. - some time the camera on target with out attacking it and even with out targeting it for 10 ~ 10 sec.
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